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JE300 Touring Amp

Here’s your chance to test drive a new  Evans JE300.  You can now arrange to check out how well our newest 12” speaker combo amp handles the stage and studio with all of your stringed instruments.

One JE300 amp is travelling the continental USA to let potential customers try out a new Evans Amp before committing to a purchase.  You can get on the list to receive the amp for a personal 5-day try out simply by calling me at 336-270- 5700.  This program benefits serious artists who do not have access to a new Evans amp but would like to try one out in the comfort of their own home. During your amp audition, I will be available over the phone to help optimize the amplified sound of all your instruments using the JE300’s unique tone controls.

There’s absolutely no obligation to buy.  However, you can receive a $100 discount and free delivery on a new Evans Amp purchased within ninety days following your try out.

Once you have thoroughly tested the amp, simply replace it in the convenient shipping crate.  I will then schedule shipping to the next person on the list, at no cost to you.  Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to discover for yourself why Evans Custom Amps are “The finest in stringed instrument amplification.”

Scot Buffington

336-270- 5700

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